It has been a great Easter weekend.  I was able to enjoy a day off work on Friday.  I used the time to finish some projects and to do some spring cleaning.  I wanted to do some outside work, but we have been getting some crazy rain, so the inside is where we spent our time.  We enjoyed family time coloring some eggs.  This was the first year that both girls could enjoy this activity.

Waiting for the coloring felt like forever.

Fun, fun.

My beautiful girls and I.

Easter morning…

Lou was not in a hurry to get around.  Mae on the other hand was a little excited.

I am not so big on giving the girls a lot of candy, so in their Easter baskets they found water bottles, hair accessories, a bunny washcloth, a toothbrush….things like that.

Trying to use the Easter eggs and to get the girls to eat it, I made a bunny face with their food.  It didn’t work.  They ate the strawberries and that was about it.  After bath time, they wore their robes until time for dresses.

Mae was all about posing for pictures.  Lou on the other hand was not so happy about it.

It was a great day.  We enjoyed a beautiful church service and then time with D’s parents.  Great food and time together.  Most importantly, we celebrated the fact that Jesus Christ is our risen Savior.  Even with all the rain we have been experiencing, it was a beautiful day.

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