Time at home…

Time at home…

Thursday morning, snow came in canceling school both Thursday and Friday.  I love snow days.  Unfortunately, the girls woke up with terrible colds.  That took a little of the fun out of it, but still nice to be home.  Spent a lot of time cuddling the girls and wiping noses, but have so enjoyed every moment.  I have also enjoyed little bits of time here and there playing and creating with the girls.  Mae loves “crafting” with Mommy.

Thursday was spent prettifying craft sticks for  a new behavior system we are starting for the girls.

We also spent some time in the snow.  I thought twice about taking the girls out since they were not feeling well, but I had a little girl that really wanted to play in the “beautiful” snow.  I gave her 5 minutes.  It took more than 30 minutes to get dressed and ready to go to spend 5 minutes outside, but it was worth it.

Then we came in and enjoyed some hot chocolate and later some snow ice cream.

Also spent some time cleaning and catching up with laundry.  Not interesting in the least, but so nice to have time other than the weekend to do it.

Friday has been busy, as well.  The girls are feeling a little better.

This morning after Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and coffee for Mom.  I spent some time with an old friend–my sewing machine.  I seriously have not used it since before Lou was born.  So, I made a pillow for my entry chair.  I used burlap.  Love it.

Then I broke a little girl’s heart when I told her that we would have to cancel our girls only sleepover she was excited about because Daddy was now coming home.  She loves her Daddy, but she loves sleepovers too.  So, we made up for it with a “wear what you want tea party.”

But, we could not have a tea party without cookies, so to the kitchen we went.

No pictures please.

Check out that cookie sheet.  Love that thing.  It was my Mom’s.  Use it all the time.  I have newer and prettier, but still always use that one.

Once the cookies were made, we enjoyed our tea party.

Check out this outfit–Hello Kitty slippers and all.

We did have a little accident, but we did not cry over spilt milk.  We were having too much fun.

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