Bathroom project…

Bathroom project…

Labor Day weekend of 2009, I got it in my head that I needed to paint our bathroom.  Well I decided to go with a yellow Tuscany look.  Well I turned out more like a “yellow burn your eyes looking at the sun” look.


So, I decided to do some sponge painting over the yellow with a brown paint we already had at the house.  I lived with it, but did not love it.

Then a few months later, Mae decided she would be creative and paint my white cabinets with red nail polish.  It did not go over well.

I lived with that look over a year before I decided to do something different.  This time I went with relaxing blue.

Added a white shower curtain and white curtain.  Then I added all the finishing touches.  I have an old ladder as a little shelf next to the toilet for spare paper.

I bought the curtain super cheap with the thought of hemming it, but have not had time.  I took some ribbon and pulled it up until I have time to hem it.

Added a sign above the window.

Even added my own touch to the new toilet seat.

I am so happy with how the bathroom has turned out.  Love it!


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