Beautiful View…

Beautiful View…

I  had been wanting to do a project with an old window for awhile.  I knew where to get one.  I just had to get up the nerve to take on another project.  I was not sure what I wanted to do with it or where it was going to go.  One night I just decided to figure it out.  I got my hands on the window and enjoyed every minute spent on the project.

I started by taking off all the paint.

Then I added some black and brown spots to help with the distressing.

Painted it white.

Sanded it and added some distressing ink.

Printed out the quote I wanted on the window.  Taped it on the front of the glass.

Turned the window over an using a marker pen traced the text.

Removed the paper and just loved how it all turned out.

Also, started building a headboard

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