Blizzard 2011…

Blizzard 2011…

Monday night’s news was packed with weather updates about the upcoming blizzard.  It was to be the first blizzard on record in this part of the country and the worst snow since 1912.  I, of course, got a little nervous.  Monday night, I worked like crazy to  prepare the family to be indoors for awhile and to be without power.  Luckily, the worst of it missed us, but I have been home from work for the last few days.

Enjoyed looking at the beautiful snow when it was falling.

Took the girls outside to play for a few minutes.  It was too cold to stay out too long.  The snow was also so compacted that it was not that much fun .

And, of course, we made some crafts.

My favorite was a new sign for my dining room.  I started with a piece of scrap wood from our headboard project.  Painted the whole thing white.  Then cut out the saying from contact paper.  This took a long, long, long time.  Can’t wait to get a Silhouette SD.  Stuck the contact paper to the board.

Hard to see them, but they are there.

Painted over everything in black.

Removed the contact paper letters.

Then, sanded over the whole thing.

Now, I have to wait patiently for my husband to get done with work to hang it up for me.  I know just the spot. . .

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