D’s chalkboard…

D’s chalkboard…

This week my in-laws gave me a chalkboard that D had used when he was little.  It was not in the best shape, but I was looking forward to bringing it back to life.

I painted on some chalkboard paint.  I sadly could not save the frame, so I had to come up with something different.

We do not have access to a lot of tools, so I wanted some cheap wood that was already cut to the perfect size to create a frame.  Then it hit me to use yard sticks.  They are 50 cents at Walmart.  But, before I could do that I had to stop and look at a book with Lou.

Painted them pink and gave them white polka dots using a pencil eraser and fabric.

Then I glued the frame on and had a new chalkboard for the girls.  It fits perfectly on the back of their work table.  Fun, fun.

Already started my next project.  Mae snapped a picture of me working earlier.

So enjoying the weekend.

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