Picture Frame…

Picture Frame…

One of my favorite pictures is the one taken the first time Mae held newborn Lou (with help from Daddy, of course).  They were so little and are growing up so quickly.  I have that picture on the piano and look at it often, but I needed a change with the frame.  I had purchased the frame years ago at some in home party.  At the time, my home had a lot of Americana decor, but that is slowly getting phased out.  So, last night I went after the frame.  I started by sanding and cleaning the frame to prepare it for paint.  My daughter saw me doing this and became very upset that I was hurting the flag.  I had to explain to her that I still love the flag and all that it stands.  The heart of a child is so precious.

Then, I painted the entire frame black.

When it was dry, I traced around the frame on burlap and cut it out.  Then I glued the burlap on the frame with Mod Podge.

Next, I made flowers.

Finally, I glued them on the frame.  It is back on the piano holding my favorite picture.  Now, I love the picture and the frame.  

Oh, I also made this tonight with a picture frame, scrapbook paper, and ribbon.  Not expensive or complicated, but I love it.

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