100 different directions…

100 different directions…

Do you ever feel like everything is pulling you in different directions?  That is how I have felt recently.  I have been so busy with work and family that I am just worn out.   Yesterday I was at my breaking point with everything.  It hit me that I have 9 weeks until we welcome home our new baby.  Then I thought about all the things I need to do in that 9 weeks.  I immediately got stressed and began making “To Do” lists.  I know–I am such a nerd.  My intentions when I got home from work last night was to begin working on the list.  Little did I know that I would pick up a child that was rehearsing for her terrible twos.  She would not allow me to get much done.  That was fine.  I would wait until D got home and do some work then.  Ring, ring went the phone.  It was my dad.  He has the flu and needs someone to come fix him supper.  Seriously.  Sometimes it is like having another child.   So when D walked in the door, I walked out.  When I got home I had enough time to cuddle with Mae and get ready for today.  So much for my good intentions.

Work has been weird lately.  Things are just happening that leaves many of us throwing our hands in the air saying “WHAT?”  I have a ton of things I need to get done at work, but am once again not finding the time to accomplish them.   The boss tried scheduling a meeting some night this week.  I had to say “sorry, but I am booked this week.”

I am afraid that I am to the point that something has to give.  Yet, instead of accomplishing something that I need to I am sitting here blogging.  Oh goodness.

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