A day off???

A day off???

I had my “spring break” yesterday.  We had a nice day.  I started my day out by making a to do list–of course, you know me.   Mae and I worked hard to complete that list while enjoying the day together.  I think by the time D came home we were able to get done with half of the list.  I scrubbed the kitchen floor one more time.  It  does look pretty good at this point.  The oxyclean worked well, but left the floor a little gritty.  I have mopped it with just water 2-3 times and the grit is finally gone.  I think I am to the point in the pregnancy that I should not scrub the floor on my hands and knees anymore though.  The getting down and scrubbing is not the problem, but the getting up off the wet floor is not easy.   We washed the walls in the hallway.  We have a black lab that just loves to lean on the walls in the hallway leaving a grossness on the walls.  So Mae and I washed those yesterday.  Mae kept telling me that she was a “big help.”  Each time I would get off the step ladder she would hop on the first step and say “my turn, up high.”  It really does amaze me how much she is learning.

After that we had some lunch and put some supper in the slow cooker.  Yes, ladies, I used the slow cooker.  I made a zesty bbq chicken.  It worked out really well.  I took some chicken breast, bbq sauce, italian dressing, brown sugar, and Worcestershire  sauce and put it in the crock pot.  About an hour before D got home I shredded the meat and put it back in the sauce.  We ate that on buns last night.  We enjoyed it, but I think we are going to try it with a little spicer bbq sauce next time.  One of the suggestions that was on  the website where I found the recipe suggested using the leftover meat on a pizza crust to make a bbq pizza.  So we are going to try that this weekend.  I am really enjoying cooking at home.  I told D as long as I know what to make and have all the things to make it, I really do enjoy cooking.  It is the coming up with ideas that I have problems with.

After lunch we worked on laundry and changed and washed the bedsheets.  Mae loves to help make the beds.  Once again she always starts with “big help” before she starts.  “Helping” make the bed usually involves her climbing underneath the blankets and sheets that I had already placed on the bed.  I can get so frustrated with these actions sometimes, but I try to remember that she is growing up so fast and these days will be gone before I know it and I will miss them.

That was our day.  We also did our normal cleaning.  By the time D got home we were worn out.  Today we are just going to enjoy our weekend.  I am going to work a little bit in the office, but other than that we are just going to enjoy our time together.  Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. The chicken was awesome. I just threw a little louisianna hot sauce on mine. mmmmmmmmm you are the best. thanks for taking care of addi and me. we love you

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