A day to relax…

A day to relax…

This has been such a busy week that this is the first chance I have had to blog.  Work has been so busy and stressful.  I really wish I could just teach, but instead there are so many other things I have to deal with.  Those extra things are the things that are the hardest to deal with–curriculum, students’ family problems, meetings, testing, meetings and on and on.  D was also on call this week, so his schedule was messed up.


Spring weather is here and we have been enjoying our afternoons and evenings outside.  Monday D was working in the area so he met us at the park for some play time.  We really enjoyed that.  The other evenings Mae and I spent what felt like hours on the front porch rocking and blowing bubbles.  D got Mae’s swing set set up to a point.  She loves the slide.  “Again, again, again,” she would say.  She seems to think that the more times she says the same word and the louder she says it the faster it will happen.  Which is true, because it drives us so crazy we will usually stop everything and do what she is asking.

Thursday we had some sad news.  D’s Grand Aunt Loraine (she preferred grand over great) passed away.  She was a one of the neatest ladies I had ever met.  She would just capitavate a person.  Even at 104 years old, her mind was sharper than mine.  The day after D and I were engaged, I was taken to meet the Aunts.  It was a neat experience.  I remember Loraine telling me that she was a teacher for awhile, but decided there was no money in teaching–cracked me up.  So she left teaching to work with her family at the bank.  She worked in the bank for 40 years before retiring.   She so enjoyed Mae, her great-great niece.  She often called Mae her “little honey pot.”  She will be so missed.


Today we are relaxing and trying to catch up before another week begins.  I have a list of activities that I need to do, like laundry, cleaning, and once again working in the office, soon to be nursery.  I would also like to get the bassinet put together.  I was able to take it apart and clean it, but now I cannot for the life of me figure out how it goes back together.  I think that sounds like a job for super husband myself . . . hint, hint, hint.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

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