An all right kind of day. . .

An all right kind of day. . .

I am sitting here listening to D and Mae play the piano and sing.  It is so funny.  Poor D was just sitting there working away when his little girl came up to him and lead him over to the piano for a little father/daughter time.  I am so enjoying listening to it.  What is funny is after about 2 minutes she will stop the piano playing, fold her hands, and say “pray.”  At that time all else stops so that we can pray.  She has just recently begun to say “amen” at the end of  her prayers.  She says it with so much excitement, that it is hard not to laugh at her.  With the singing and the praying, D finally looked at me and asked if she was playing church.  There is no telling, but it is sure good for a laugh.

Today was the beginning of MAP testing for my kids.  It will last for the next two weeks.  It is amazing to me what they ask a third grader to do.  My kids did very well for their first day of testing ever.  I just hope the next two weeks fly by.  The kids are all stressed out over the test, but it is actually pretty boring for the teacher that has to sit there and just watch kids take the test.  I have a proctor this year.  I think they thought with me being so close to baby time it might be a good idea to have another adult present.

Tonight was full of emotions.  I went through Mae’s old clothes getting ready for the arrival of our next little one.  It made me sad that Mae is getting so big, but made me happy that before too long we will have another little one to love and cherish.

I actually made supper tonight.  When I left school, it was snowing (yes, snowing in April) so I stopped by the store for the things to make Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup.  Yummy.  It really hit the spot in this cold weather.  I can’t wait for spring!

Better run.  Mae is needing to get ready for bed.  She can’t do it herself and the hints I am giving my husband are just not working.  I guess I will take care of it.

Have a great night.

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