Baby things…

Baby things…

We had a doctor’s appointment today.   Little E is doing well with a heartbeat of 141.  The baby  is moving and kicking regularly.  We spoke to the doctor about my emotional state.  This baby has really been making me, as D says “scary emotional.”  Doctor said no big deal.  He said the emotions are not really “normal, but understandable.”  Whatever that means, but I will go with it.

Had a funny thing catch my attention today.  I had to fill out new paper work due to a change in D’s insurance.   The doctor’s office I go to is just for OB/GYN doctors.  As I was filling out the paperwork, I came to a question that said, “Is this appointment due to an accident?”  What?   Is that really any of their business?

Speaking of baby things  .  .  .  This weekend is Missouri’s Biggest Baby Shower.  This is a day when people are asked to bring supplies to Pregnancy Crisis Centers around Missouri.  The items collected are distributed to young women facing a crisis pregnancy who have chosen life over abortion.  It is a really great ministry and wonderful cause.  Please take a minute to check out the information .  .  .

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