Busy week for work…

Busy week for work…

I am so glad to be home and done with work for the week.  I have been so busy at work and it was just a frustrating week.   I had meetings three nights this week after work.  I had to tutor one night.  I had to give a presentation today to part of the staff on MAP motivation.  I had to prepare for that.  I worked for two and a half hours to make a Powerpoint to go with my presentation.  I asked the head of the workshop to please provide me with the equiptment to do the Powerpoint.  No problem.  So, I headed off to the workshop with my presentation on my jumpdrive and online, so I would be able to get to it.  Get to the room for the presentation….no computer.  There was a SmartBoard, but no computer.  Come on!  I was so upset.  I could have brought my laptop if I had known.  I was able to talk my way through the 40 minutes, but it would have been a little more organized with the presentation to go with it.   I just felt defeated after it was all over.  I am just glad the whole week is over.

No big plans for the weekend, but it is a three day weekend.  Yippee!  I need to catch up on some housework and go grocery shopping.  Those are things that get neglecting during busy weeks at work.   Tomorrow we are meeting D’s sister and her family for lunch when they are in town.   That will be nice.  We will attempt church again on Sunday and hopefully not leave feeling  upset.  Monday, Sweetpea and I will just spend the day together.  I like those days.

Well I need to run.  I have a little one yelling “potty” at me.  Have a great weekend!

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