Craziness before the storm…

Craziness before the storm…

Today I am spending the day preparing for an ice storm that is on the way.

It is supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  I get a little crazy preparing for times when I know I am going to be staying home.  If I think there is a possiblity for our power to go out, I want to have all my laundry and dishes done.  I also like having the house clean.  So, that is what we, I mean I, am doing today.  We went to the store this morning and got supplies for being home for a couple of days–stuff  like milk, bread, and chocolate.  I also got some paint for the dining room in case I am looking for something to do while I am home.

Yesterday was a great day.  We started the day with Missouri’s biggest baby shower.  After that we headed to St. Louis.  We dropped Mae off at the D’s sister’s house.  She spent the afternoon there, while D and I spent time together.  We went to the Botanical Gardens.  It was really cool.  We were about the only ones there.  We spent time walking around the rain forest.   After that we enjoyed a nice dinner with great conversation.  Then we picked Mae up and headed home.  It was a nice day.

Here are some pictures . . .







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