Crazy long week…

Crazy long week…

Teachers all know that the weeks before Christmas and summer breaks are the longest.  The kids are as wild as they can be right now.  Yesterday I explained an activity to a class twice, had the directions on the board (just in case), asked if there were any questions–none.  Within, five mintues I had 3 students ask me “what are we doing?”  Those are the moments that make me want to scream.  Six more schools days until a two week break.  A very needed two week break. 

We had our ultrasound yesterday.  D and I were so happy to see a very beautiful, healthy little one.  I am not going to share what we are having, because some people prefer not to know (Carol).  If you would like to know, send me an email and I will let you know. 

Last night, D and I saw Fireproof the movie.  Great movie.  i would strongly recommend it to all married couples.  I can’t even explain how good it was.  It showed a couple that was struggling, close to divorce, and the changes that occurred in their marriage when they allowed God in and took little steps to show appreciation for each other.  Good movie. 

Tonight, we went to see our nephew L’s Christmas program.  It was so cute.  We were able to see L’s class perform their two songs, but Sweetpea could not sit still long after that.   We had to leave early.  I felt bad leaving early, but I would have felt bad letting her scream during the performances.  I don’t know how to handle those situations.  We can’t just stay home all the time.  She needs to go to know how to act, but I don’t want to be the one all the other parents are talking bad about because I can’t control my child.   How do people handle those situations?

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  1. If you find out how to handle “those” situations, please let me know. We seem to be going through the very same thing. It is so frustrating at times. Just so you know, you are NOT alone!

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