Life is exhausting right now, but so worth it.  It is hard to get used to being at home with the kids.   Well it is just hard getting used to the “kids” and not just a kid.  There is a HUGE difference between one kid and two kids.  When people had said that to us, we were just “ok…sure.”  But, they were not kidding.  Sorry.

Lou is feeling better.  Her jaundice is now gone.  The blood test came back okay.  She is now more alert.  We are still having problems with the gagging and projectile vomitting.  We  go to the doctor again on Monday, so hopefully we will get some answers then.

Due to Lou’s problems, I am once again exclusively pumping.  I was really hoping that nursing would work this time around, but sadly that did not happen.  Pumping is much harder this time around.  With Mae, I could schedule my pumping according to her, but not this time.  If I have one occupied, the other one is needing my attention.  At one point today, I had the computer in my lap working on grades, Mae under one arm, holding Lou in the other and trying to pump.  Now that is talent.  I am afraid that I won’t be able to juggle everything for a year to give her a year of breastmilk, but I am sure going to try.

Mae had a birthday this week.  She is now 2 years old.  It is hard to believe.  We are having a birthday party for her tomorrow.  We are not going all out this year.  I feel bad not doing a meal, but with Emme only being two weeks old I was afraid that would be too much.  So, we ordered an ice cream cake and are calling it good.  I was able to get the majority of the house cleaned today and will just need to do some minor clean up tomorrow.

On her birthday, we had a little celebration.  It was fun.  We had “birthday brownies” and gave her one of her gifts.  We gave her the bubble blower.  She loved it (so did D).  We were able to get outside a play with that for awhile (which is surprising with all the rain we have had recently).    It was an enjoyable evening.  Here are some pictures…




And one of Lou of course…


One thing that  Mae did this week that just cracked me up . . . I was coming down the hallway and she came running up to me with her hands on her hips and said, ” MOM, what do you think you are doing?”  And so, it begins.

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  1. Still can’t wait to meet the new little one. 2 will get better it does take some getting used to. Took a little time to adjust and mine were 3 years apart. Please call if there is something we can help you with. It some times helps to have a little help..Jan

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