Girls Day Out.

Girls Day Out.

Every once in awhile, I get a day away with the girls.  Misti and Stacy and I went to college together.  Truthfully, if not for them I would have left college early on.  They were the ones I could act like myself around and they put up with it.  God bless them.  They earned some points in heaven for that. 

Anyway, recently we began having girls days out.  It is so nice meeting up with them and catching up.  Today we met in Rolla and went shopping.  We were able to do some Christmas shopping and visit.  It got Sweetpea’s christmas finished up now.  I do believe D and I are going to be done with shopping relatively early this year.  That is awesome. 

Good day.  Good company.  A day away.  Great buys.  Great friends.

One thought on “Girls Day Out.

  1. God blessed all of us with each other. I too enjoy our time we get every now and again. I’m glad that we still stay in touch, just wish we were able to get together more often! But, a girl can’t have everything! 😉

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