Great weekend…

Great weekend…

This was the perfect definition of a wonderful weekend.  We began the weekend by visiting the river.  Each year on the weekend closest to our anniversary D and I return to the Big Piney River at sunrise to reflect on and pray for our marriage.

After the river, we did some grocery shopping.  This was a short trip.  I have made it a little bit of a mission to keep our grocery bills down while we finish paying off that last credit card.  So before we went I made a menu for the next two weeks.  I went through our cabinets and made the menu from what we had.  We just had to pick up a few things.   I am pretty proud though.  I have the cabinets and the freeze pretty much cleaned out.   I know we will spend a little more on our next big trip, but it will be like starting over.

Of course after all of that, we came home and had family nap time.  Then we did some work around the house.  D worked outside, while we girls picked up in the house.  After all the work was done, we grilled out.  Then we took a drive and got some ice cream.  We ended the day playing in the backyard.  D even brought out his guitar and played for awhile.  One of my favorite memories of this weekend will be Mae and I dancing in the backyard under the stars while D played guitar.

Sunday, we went to church.  Mae visited the toddler nursery this week.  It is getting harder and harder to keep her still during church.  After church we did lunch and nap time.  We ended the day by picnicing and playing at the park.  It was just a great week– full of family time.  I loved it.

Enjoy the week.

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