Happy Saturday…

Happy Saturday…


I am so glad it is Saturday.  It is nice to have a quiet morning at home with my family to relax and reconnect from the week.  I am kind of emotional this morning.  I am blaming it on the pregnancy hormones.  As I was sitting here awake last night, because I am too uncomfortable to sleep much anymore, I couldn’t help but think about how our family is changing.  I am excited about meeting our sweet baby, but it will be different.  I feel sorry for Mae.  She has no clue how life is going to change in about two weeks.  But, she is going to be such a great big sister.  She loves helping.  “I help” is one of her favorite phrases right now, as well as “I big.”  I just hope I can balance life enough to continue to make Mae feel just as loved, while loving the new member of the family as much as she will need.

It was a crazy week at work.  We finished up MAP testing.  Thank goodness.  The kids were getting so tired of it.  Next week, we can finally get back to our normal schedule.  I was able to get two weeks of lesson plans done and all of my paper work copied, just in case someone decides to come early.  I have another two weeks to do before I am done with lesson plans.  I have my curriculum done, which I am have been working on off and on since November.  That is a huge relief.  Now I have to grade 80 some placement tests for next year’s communication arts students.  They are sitting in my car until I am ready to begin that adventure.   I also need to get my career ladder done.  Those are my work plans for the weekend.  It never seems to end.

Other plans for the weekend include making valances for the new decor in the kids’ room.  Mae was helping me this morning.


Their room is almost done.  I have a sign ordered for the room and some more butterflies to hang up, but it is almost ready.  Mae loves the new pink shag rug.  I have the office/nursery room done.  I would have done things  alittle differently, but it is D’s work office that he is nicely sharing half of, so if he wants black and orange decor I will try not to say much, but I would have done things differently.

Well I better go and spend time with my beautiful daughter.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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