Home cooking or take out that is the question…

Home cooking or take out that is the question…

This is a discussion that D and I have a lot. I don’t mind cooking, but what I hate is all the extra time involved. Tonight I made sweet and sour chicken. Because of this, I am now sitting down for the first time this evening and it is 7:30. Let me explain . . . I get done with school at 3, but after meetings or tutoring it is usually 4-4:15 before I can leave. Then I go and pick up Mae.  Mae never wants to leave right away, by the time I convience her to leave, chase her around to put her coat on, and we drive home it is usually 5 before we make it home. Then I have to unload the car, check and go through the mail, and walk the dogs. Before I know it, it is 5:30. Then I try to pick up the house a little, start laundry or wash dishes, whatever chores need to be done. Now, it is 6:00. I spend the next 30-45 minutes making dinner. Then D arrives home. We have dinner. After dinner the clock usually says 7:00 or after. Then I spend the next 15 minutes or longer cleaning up the kitchen. Then Mae needs a bath, so there is another 15 minutes (tonight my wonderful husband did this for me and gave me a break). Before I know it, it is 7:30 or later. That is a night I make dinner.
If we pick up take out, the evening is a lot easier on me. I get to spend the time between 6 and 6:30 just spending time with my girl. After dinner, I just throw the trash away and get to spend the time with my family.
But, I know we can not have take out every night. First, health wise we can’t do that to our bodies. Secondly, we can’t afford it. Lastly, our town only has about 4 different place to get take out.
I just wish there was an easy answer.
Does anyone have an answer for me? or some advice? I am just exhausted.

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  1. I have rediscovered my crockpot because I had the same problem. At least I can pre cook some of my things so half is done for me when I get home. The kids hate to come home from school and have to wait until I get home to finish supper. They say it always smells so good.

  2. Even I was going to suggest the crock pot. I found that ANYTHING, including a turkey breast can be made in there. With the economic times we are in, I am LOVING mine. Although, with just the two of us (wait three, cause Gretchen always seems to show up at dinner), it would be so much easier to eat out – but, home cooked is soo much better, and clean up is a breeze. I work out my menu’s on sunday, and then I know before I go to bed the night before, what to throw in, when I get up the next day – i just set it on and forget it. love you.

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