Home with the family…

Home with the family…

We are now home and trying to work out a routine.   We made it home Monday afternoon.  After we had the house back in order and all the suitcases unpacked, my in-laws brought Mae back home to us.  I was so glad to see her.  It is amazing how much I missed her.  I think she was glad to be home too.  For the longest time, she just looked at Lou.  She will now point at her and in her sweet voice will say “a baby.”

Tuesday we took the day to relax and get used to the new family member.  Mae did have one moment when she got into trouble (which we expected some moments like that with the new family member).  She got ahold of a ball point pen and drew all over her bedsheets.  I guess she wanted a design on her sheets rather than just plain white.  She also took her George doll and added some facial markings.  It did not have the time to mess with it when it happened, so I will fight with that today.  Yesterday was a little different.  We had to take Lou to the doctor.  She is still jaundice and very, very tired.  The appointment took around an hour and a half.  They attempted to take her blood, but were not able to get enough to run the tests, so they sent us back to the hospital.  So off we went back to the hospital.  The drive was very long for the girls, and for Mom.  The hospital visit took over and hour.  I waited in the car with Mae who had fallen asleep on the drive.  Then an hour drive back home.  We should get a call today telling us about the test results.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather last night while sitting on the front porch.  I love our front porch.  I especially love the rocking chairs I got for Christmas from my wonderful husband.  The week before Lou arrived I got a lot of my flowers planted for us to enjoy.  I still have the big bed right in front of the porch to finish.  While I sat and rocked with Lou last night Mae and D enjoyed time together blowing bubbles.  It was a nice relaxing time for us.  We finally had to go in when the bugs joined us.

Our plans for today depend on the call from the doctor’s office, so we are just waiting on that.  I better run.  I need to wake Lou up for a feeding.  I should probably get Mae dressed for the day.  Poor thing she looks like a unkept, uncared for child right now–she is not, but that is what she looks like.

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