Long time…no blog.

Long time…no blog.

It is harder and harder to find time for blogging these days.  I finally have a minute with Lou content in her crib and Mae drawing quietly, so instead of doing something constructive I decided to blog.

I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  My aunt and two of my cousins came to visit from Illinois.  It was so nice getting to visit with them for a few days.  I always have a hard time when family leaves after a nice visit, because it reminds me how much I miss them and wish I lived a little closer.  It is especially hard when it is Aunt Kathy visiting because she reminds me so much of my mom.   After they left on Monday, D and I took a drive to visit the relatives that have gone on to a much better place.  I, of course, cried visiting Mom’s grave.  It is heartbreaking for me to think about the fact that she never got to meet my husband or my girls.  Someday…years and years and years and years and years from now.

The rest of the week has gone smoothly.  I am trying to establish somewhat of a schedule for while I am home with the girls.  I has been working well, so far.  I give Mae some tv time in the morning (which allows me time to wake up).  During that time, she watches Curious George, Sid the Science Kid (love it), and Hi5.  After that we go to the kitchen where she will either play with play dough or color.  That gives me time to get the kitchen and dining room cleaned and work on laundry.  After that we work our way to the living room, to play with toys and read books.  I have decided that cleaning the living room during the day is a battle that is not worth fighting.  It never fails…if I clean it, she will find a way to mess it up.  The toy closet idea was just awesome until she discovered that she can open the door on her own.  We will play until lunch time.   We fix lunch and enjoy.  Then we relax to a praise baby video and will usually fall asleep.  During nap time, I will do some more chores around the house or will fall asleep myself depending on the amount of sleep that Lou allowed me to get the night before.  After nap time we will usually watch VeggieTales or play until D gets home.  That is our schedule. . .  I hope having a schedule will help the days go quickly and easily.

I had planned a project for this weekend.  I was finally going to work on the bathroom project.  I have been so wanting to work on that project for a long time.  It has been driving me crazy for over a year.  I begged my husband to do it for me before the baby arrived, but it is still needing to be done.  Home projects are my things…not D’s.  I have to sand down and paint all of the cabinets and trim.  I am also painting the ceiling and walls.  I plan on caulking around the counter area.  I am going to replace the cabinet hinges and door handles.  Finally, I am going to hang a new medicine cabinet.  Then I get to decorate with the items I bought for the project 6 months ago.

But, it is going to have to wait for another time.   Instead I will be going with D to see a surgeon.  We found out that he is having gall bladder issues and they are going to remove it.  So we should know more tomorrow after talking to the surgeon.  I am feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing.  I think the uneasiness comes from Mom.  They had originally told Mom her problem was her gall bladder.  We all know how that turned out.  I can’t have anything happen to D.  But, I am sure it will be fine, but there is that little thought in the back of my mind.  Man, I love my husband.

Need to run.  Almost bed time. . .

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