Long week for a short week…

Long week for a short week…

I only have a four day work week this week.  That is so nice.  Of course, the teachers around the school are making up for the fact that we are not working on Friday.   The kids have been CRAZY.  It is amazing the things that a third grade teacher has to deal with.  The stories that I could tell . . .  I will just be thrilled when 3:15 tomorrow afternoon arrives.

I had a doctor’s appointment today.  Everything is going well.  I go back in three weeks for another visit to the doctor and to meet with a man about an epidural.  Epidurals are wonderful.  I had someone ask if I was going to have an epidural with this baby.  My response… “of course.”   It makes me think about my mom.  She used to say that medication and modern technology would not be here if God did not give someone the intellect to invent them.  Which makes the inventions part of God’s plan.  That is how I feel about the epidural for childbirth.  If God had intended me to have a natural childbirth, he would not have given someone the intellect to create such a wonderful thing.  Natural childbirth for me–no thanks.  Give me drugs. 

Better go.  I need to clean up the kitchen before watching American Idol.  I am not sure about who will be going home tonight, but my predictions for the final three–Danny (my favorite), Adam, and Lil (maybe Alexis).  Oh, what do I know?

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