New Year’s Eve…

New Year’s Eve…

My in laws were sweet enough to offer to keep the girls New Year’s Eve so that D and I could go out.  I was excited about an evening with D.  I was looking forward to a nice dinner out and some cuddling on the couch to watching the new year roll in.  I decided that I would try to look nice for our evening out.  Took the time to do my nails, my hair, put on some make up and even a nice outfit.  I felt pretty good about myself.  Mae walked in at that point looked at me and with the sweetest smile on her face said, “Mommy e look beautiful just like a snowman.”  Great.  I look round and white as snow.  Thanks, Mae.  You know how to make a woman feel good.

We did have a nice evening though.  We had a quiet dinner at a local mexican restaurant  and then came home and fell asleep.  Yes, we fell asleep.  But, it was nice to sleep a full 8 hours with no one crying in the middle of the night for a bottle or climbing into bed with us saying “I sleep well” way too early.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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