No plans…

No plans…

Today is the last official day of vacation.  We have no plans for today except playing and cuddling.  I always get a little sad when the end of a vacation arrives.  I have enjoyed my time at home.  I have loved the extra time that I had to spent with Sweetpea.  I feel guitly at times for being a working mother, but that makes me appreciate our time together that much more. 

Sweetpea’s newest trick is climbing everything.  She loves to climb up and sit on the dining room table.  Today she has been sneaking to the laundry room to climb up on the baker’s rack.  Scares me to death.  She has no fear.  We had a baby gate that sat between the kitchen and dining room.  That kept her out of  a lot of trouble, but the gate broke.  For my sanity, we need to find another one–fast. 

Over break, I was able to get the living room painted and put back together.  Yesterday D hung a new ceiling fan in the living room.  My next projects are the bathroom and the office.  We are painting the bathroom walls yellow and the cabinets white.  In the office, we are cleaning out my “office” area and turning it into a temporary nursery.   We are also painting it.

It is amazing to me that it is a new year.  This year will be exciting.  Lots to do before welcoming home a new arrival in May.  The summer will be fun.  I will get to spend time with Sweetpea while getting to know the new baby.  I would also like to try to take a small vacation to Illinois to visit family.  We will see.

Well I better get back to my “no plan” day.

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