Off to work I go…

Off to work I go…

It was back to work this week.  It has been a very long week.  I woke up this morning and actually said, “Is it really only Wednesday…no.”  Normally following Christmas break the students return very calm–not these kids.  The students are almost worse now then before the break.  I hope they settle down shortly, or it is going to be a long year.  I had to have grades entered by Tuesday at noon.  I was glad that I worked hard to have the majority of my grades completed before break.  That made the transition back to work a little easier. 

Sweetpea has been so cute this week.  She now sits at the table with us to eat meals.  She has a booster seat in a chair between D and I.  She thinks she is a big girl.  She has been trying to carry on conversations during dinner.  She is just too funny.  The other night during dinner she was talking very seriously.  Then she turned to me and showed me the food in her mouth.  With that, she bursted out laughing.  She has been glad to be back at Grandma’s this week.  When I drop her off I practically have to beg her to say goodbye.  I am just glad that she has a safe place that she enjoys to stay while I am working.

This week I have to work on a presentation another teacher and I are giving next Friday.  I am sure I will wait until the last minute to do it.  We are supposed to present information to our fellow teachers about how to make MAP testing (Missouri’s standardized test) fun for students and parents.  What?  I hate to break the news, but that is impossible.  The tests are awful.  It is amazing what we expect these students to do in third grade.  That is another soapbox I will save for later.

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