One thing lead to another…

One thing lead to another…

The other day I was cleaning out our living room coat closet.  I found a jar of joint compound.  I decided–oh, I will fill the crack in the living room ceiling that has just been driving me crazy.  After that was done, I decided–oh, I need to paint the ceiling it looks really dirty now.  After the ceiling was painted, I decided–oh, I need to paint the walls in here I got ceiling paint on them.   Then I decided–oh while I am painting I will take down the curtains and wash them.  Then looking at the windows, I decided–oh, these windows are gross I need to wash them.  So, a little project of cleaning out the living room closet turned into my painting the living room.  Sometimes I think I am nuts for doing things like this.   The kitchen project was the same way.  Oh well, I am just me.  I am glad I have an understanding husband that just stays out of my way.    This evening, D and I tried to get the living room and the rest of the house back in order.  The project went well.  I only had one little mishap.  I somehow managed to stab the bottom of my foot with an electrical cord.  Ouch, it really hurt.  D was home to help me deal with it.  I am trying to keep it propped up tonight, but it hurts. 

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the year.  This has been a great year.  I can’t believe it is almost over.  I am looking forward to the upcoming year.  

Happy New Year!

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