What a week!   This was one of those weeks that I just couldn’t wait for the end to arrive, so it seemed to last twice as long.  But, now I am done.  Today I worked my last day of the school year.  I was kind of sad to say goodbye to the kids.  I had one student tell me that his mom told him to give me a hug since it was my last day, but he told her he couldn’t because I was too big.  Hahahaha.  I told him that was okay he did not have to hug me.  This group did crack me up.  Even though I am sad to leave my students, I am super excited about spending time with my own kids….yes kids….before too  long there will be another little one in the house.  D and I are excited.  Before the weekend is over, we will be parents again.

Looking back….it was a good week.  Monday I was able to get the majority of my house cleaned (finishing up tonight).  Tuesday night we enjoyed a spring concert at the nephews’ school.  It was so cute.  My oldest nephew led The Pledge of Allegiance for everyone there.  He did awesome, even if he yelled into the microphone.  Little nephew was even a soloist with the bell…even though he was not supposed to be.  He just could not help himself.  We really enjoyed the program.  Wednesday, I went to my last doctor’s appointment before the baby arrives.  We are all set to be induced.  D met me at the doctor’s office, like he always does…he is a good husband.  Even the doctor has commented on how well D does coming to doctor’s appointments.  Anyway, this time D brought me a smoothie from Sinatra’s …..yummy!   Today was a good day.  Tomorrow is scheduled for  a day to relax and prepare.  I have the whole day off to relax and spend with Mae while she is still my only child.  I told her we are planning on sleeping in and cuddling all day.  Her response is “cuddle?”

We did have a little drama on Tuesday night.  When we returned from the concert, Mae was running to beat me to the recliner and she fell.  Oh, the poor baby.  She sliced her tongue open.  Of course, those that know me know that blood is not my thing.  My little girl being hurt is not my thing either.   D was awesome.  We finally got the bleeding to stop.  To help with the pain we tried to get her to suck on an ice cube….nope.  But, she was all about eating pop ice.

Well I better go.  I need to finish cleaning the house, so I can relax tonight and tomorrow.

Next time I update I will be a mother of two……so excited.

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