One of my goals for this year is to simplify my life.  One area I have been working on this is in the kitchen.  This week I have been cleaning out cabinets and downsizing.  I mean, really, did I need to keep 5 boxes of tea that were all expired?  Also, I am forbidding myself from buying any plastic silverware for parties this year–I have more than enough.  But, it is all nicely organized on its own self now.

One thing I have done to help simplify is a weekly menu.  One of my biggest complaints about fixing dinner is not knowing what to fix.  That is not a problem anymore.  On Sunday, I create a menu for the week.  I then look through the pantry to see what we already have for those meals.  Then, I make my shopping list.  That way I am not buying things I don’t  need.  It has really helped.  The menu is posted right on the refrigerator  using  magnets, an old frame and a wet erase marker.

Another thing we have done is purchased Saladmaster.  I am really impressed with how well it works and how easy it is to store.  Growing up, my mom used Saladmaster.  Mom’s set still looks great.  I am hoping that I will never have to buy another pot or pan again.  From the way people talk, I will not have to.  Love the electric skillet.  I just put in the food and pretty much leave it.  So nice for trying to make dinner with two little girls running around.

Doesn’t really simplify things, but I did make some cute little label for my canisters using my Silhouette.  I am really having fun with that.

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