To do list…

To do list…

D and I decided to make a list of things we would like to do as a family this year. After many suggestions, we have made a list.

St. Louis Zoo
Botanical gardens
Trip to visit family in Illinois
Take Mae to a movie
Host a party

I have also made a personal list of things I would like to accomplish this year.

Lose 20 more pounds–find time to exercise
Have a yard sale
Spend time with friends
Reconnect with D

Update–December 2010.
I accomplished all of my personal goals this year. I actually lost about 40 pounds. I did have a yard sale. It was a lot of work, but I made some good money. I do feel like I decluttered a little, but have more to do. The yard sale really helped with that. I had more time with friends this year and really enjoyed it. I also feel like D and I reconnected. We spent more time together doing fun activities. It was a great year.

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