What a great Christmas…

What a great Christmas…

I had a wonderful Christmas.  I love the time with family and seeing the joy of people’s faces when they open what you feel is the “perfect” gift for them.  I think I did pretty well with gifts for people this year.  D and I began our shopping in September and were able to get the shopping done early.  We were able to take our time and find the “perfect” gift for people on our Christmas lists.  We also did not feel the financial crunch this year doing the shopping over a couple months rather than the last minute.  I was blessed with some great gifts.  D gave me my favorite perfume and two rocking chairs for my front porch.  I can’t wait for spring to sit on the porch and rock away the cool evenings. 

I love the joy of Christmas that fills my heart each year and am always sad to see the day go.  I did not want to go to sleep last night, but I guess it would have to end sometime.  D was very quick to suggest putting the Christmas things away today.  I so did not want to, but agreed.  We packed up the trees and all of the decorations and our house is back to normal…almost.  I am a little sad. 

Now, our living room looks like a toy store.  Sweetpea was a little spoiled this year.  She has a lot of new toys which means we need to go through her old toys and move some into storage.  That is also making me a little sad.  She is growing up so fast.

Maybe, I am just a little emotional.  I’m blaming the pregnancy.

Here are some pictures from this Christmas …


One of Sweetpea’s Christmas pictures. 


Family Christmas picture


Modeling some of Sweetpea’s gifts.


20 weeks…halfway there!

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